Rope Play

by Nocturn Void

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Written and recorded 2014/15 by D.O'Donoghue

w/ thanks to S.Slater and C.Pigott


released October 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Nocturn Void London, UK

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Track Name: Desvelado
I dreamed a dream
Unholy slaughterhouse bride
Tell me there is nothing
Please pull the rope tight
Lost all conviction
Watching him die
Cold hearted dismissive
Even after all of this time

I’m giving up, I’ve lost the fight
Tell me there’s nothing left inside
I’m giving up, the ropes pulled tight
I punch the walls to feel alright

I know there is nothing
That can make this right
Dream a dream
Unholy slaughterhouse bride
Christ knows you try
To forget the ugliest sights
Don’t look so forlorn
At a double suicide
Track Name: Rope Play
Sullen despair
In this null and void
I can feel my shape
Face down on the floor

Regarding life patiently
One moment you have to endure
Push your hair out your face
You don’t have to take anymore

Through blood clotted eyes
Your face backlit by the sky
Who feel asleep in
The coldest of nights

Hung from the ceiling
By an extension chord
Look at your hands and ask
What is this body for?
Track Name: Youth Club (Casket Boys)
Here hangs a shadow
An opened wound
An excessive onslaught
It’s come too soon
Such predeterminence
It’s on the move
The casket open wide
It waits for you

I’m self disembowelling
Punching my face
Freezer burnt and failing
Lost without trace
No one is safe here
It’s hopeless to try
All you could do is stand there
And watch them die

There is nothing left here
You are alone
The sawmills motor starts
The seeds are sewn
The void is waiting
The ropes pulled tight
A blessing in disguise
Here comes the night
Track Name: Coma
Endless waiting for the moment to come
But there is nothing, there’s nothing at all
These bitter thoughts and sleepless nights
I’m crushed under the weight, the weight of it all

I’m curled up in the backseat of your car
This blanket is soaked through
It’s damp from the cold
Like an open trout fish that’s washed up on the shore
It’s burnt into the margins of your mind
I’ll take your hand I’ll take your hand in mine
We’ll watch it burn for the 1000th time

And when you watch me eat all the fruit
One last time on your knees, begging for some kind of relief
In the dark, say your prayers, say it loud, so i can hear
This is it and you’re dead and they’re all dead
Track Name: Sobbing Gristle
We were hopeless from the start
Unholy half light, acting out our parts
Listlessly I followed you
Through years spent sitting in the dark

I’ll set it down
That hollow sound
But Lord knows
You’ve heard this one before

I am done I am done with this
There is nothing that I’ll miss
I’ve tried, I’ve tried to make it right
But I’m so tired of this

I’ll set it down
That hollow sound
But we both know
You’ve heard this one before